Cambridge Photographer

Photographer in Cambridge

My name is Peter
I’m your photographer.

I have been taking portraits of babies, children and families in Cambridge for over 15 years. My passion for creating beautiful images is still as strong as when I looked through a camera lens for the first time. I could not imagine any other profession that would give so much pleasure as seeing the smiles of delight on my customers faces.

Why Choose Dumbletons Studio?

Professional skills

What doses it take to create a great portrait?  Years of  experience and knowledge come together to create beautiful and natural portraits.

light composure

There is no photography without the light and there is no great photography  without beautiful light. Let us  shine  the most flattering light on you.

Perfect Equipment

Yes I know, mobile phone cameras get better and better, but there are many  reasons why we don’t use them in our studio. We don’t miss the shots and unrepeatable expressions.

unic vision

Everyone who comes to us is different and we like to emphasise their characters on their portrait. Each photo sessions is conduct in different way , we don’t rush things. We are on the mission to create unique and timeless memories.

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