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Dumbletons Photography Studio
This is where the magic happens!
Just 20 minutes away from Cambridge City centre, with a garden and parking spaces, everything has been custom built to ensure that you will have a wonderful (and safe) time with your family.
Dumbletons Photography Studio

If you need to take a break from the photography, or would like a change of outfits, this room is for your personal use.

Dumbletons Photography Studio

You can sit comfortably in front of our Hollywood style mirror to add final touches or last minute preparations.

Dumbletons Photography Studio

This is where all our photographs are prepared to the highest possible standards. With an eye for detail your portrait orders are digitally retouched, colour graded and enhanced.

Dumbletons Photography Studio
After your photo session you can sit here comfortably with your family to enjoy a cinema-style viewing, choosing your favourite images from the session. Enjoy a tea or coffee but be prepared for laughter and tears, you will love those images so much !
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